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Burgh Cycling

Hungry Devil Sock - White

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Our feisty little friend the Tasmanian Devil, is in dire need of our help. Tasmania’s native population of devils are fighting for their lives literally from a facial tumour disease. This disease spreads quickly through natural processes of fighting, whether it be over a carcass or territory.

We’re donating ALL PROCEEDS from our DEVIL socks towards research, breeding programs, laboratory tests and other great programs to try and stop this tumour, before another worldwide icon goes extinct. 

Our DEVIL socks make your feet feel like they’re wearing nothing at all (cue Flanders impression). Featuring amazing arch support, a comfortable double leg cuff, air-lite mesh to let those stinky feet of yours breathe and a sole that makes it feel like you’re walking on air.

Devil illustration by the super talented Ilana Bodenstein 

Available in red or white.